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VOLTAGE: For 12 volt DC negative ground systems only.
WARRANTY: Wagner Products Company Inc. warrants our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date sold to the original purchaser.
EXCLUSIONS: This warranty is non-transferable. We reserve the right to repair or replace defective merchandise at our option. No warranty is expressed or implied regarding the suitability of the product for any particular installation, nor will any restitution be made for damages caused by misuse, abuse or improper installation of the product. Our warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective merchandise only and does not cover labor or any other expenses.
RETURN POLICY All returns must be authorized in advance by Wagner Products Co. and shipped prepaid to our factory. Refunds will only be made for materials received in new, undamaged condition.


Safety is Our First Concern
Wagner Products Company evaluated alternators from numerous manufacturers. We found none of the units tested conformed to the original DelcoTM design which meets S.A.E. J71171 standards, the specification for explosion-proof design! We custom manufacture neoprene seals to meet these requirements. All of the parts we use have been manufactured to the original DelcoTM specifications, many by original DelcoTM suppliers. We know of no other manufacturer that has gone to such great lengths to insure that their product complies with the applicable safety requirements. Many marine alternators are only UL, and not S.A.E. approved.

High Output
The DelcotronTM"10 SI series" were originally available in sizes ranging from 37 to 68 amps. However, since the only difference was in the stator windings, we now offer only the high end 68 amp unit. (Most marine alternators have been 42 or 51 amp units.) With only a small difference in cost, why not use the best quality parts available? The lower output alternators take up to twice as long to recharge a low battery. However, when the battery is fully charged, the 68 amp alternator requires no more horsepower to operate! Can you risk operating your boat with a battery that is not fully charged?

Models for all Applications:
The standard three-wire alternator, Wagner Products Part No. EE-63 is a direct replacement for the units found on early MercruiserTM and OMCTM inboard and sterndrive engines. It features two plug-in wires molded into the rubber plug on the back of the unit. These wires are color coded and double isolated to protect the alternator against damage from reverse polarity. The single/wire alternator Part No. SE-63 may be used to replace a variety of newer alternators, as its simplified hook-up requires only one wire to be connected to the battery positive terminal. Both of these units are available new and remanufactured. High output 94 amp units are also available.

Easily Serviced
The DelcotronTM alternator may be disassembled and all components tested in a few minutes using only simple hand tools. With many of the PrestoliteTM, MotorolaTM or MandoTM alternators, components must be unsoldered for disassembly and testing, then resoldered for reassembly. Not only is this a diffcult and time-consuming process, but the components may actually be damaged from the heat generated while soldering. Unlike the competition, the DelcotronTM unit may be easily repaired in just a few minutes for a nominal cost. Ask your local repair shop which alternator they would rather work on!

Trouble-free Reliability
The legendary DelcotronTM "10 SI series" alternators have earned a reputation for being the most trouble-free units ever built! Their time-proven design commands respect from people who know and service alternators the world over.

Quality Construction
Wagner Products Company has gone to great lengths to locate the best quality parts available. We then produce the finest DelcoTM design replacement alternator you can buy. Our goal is not to make the most alternators, only the best!

American Made:
These high-quality, high-output alternators are assembled with pride in St. Louis, Missouri by Wagner Products Company Inc.

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